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Hi! We’re Bill, Courtney, and Morgan.

As fee-only financial advisors, financial map makers and enthusiastic money nerds, we started Trailhead Planners with a simple mission:

To provide comprehensive, tax-focused financial expertise to retirees and people preparing to transition into retirement.

We use our financial expertise to lift the burden of planning and worry so that our clients can enjoy meaningful and secure retirements.

We believe financial planning should focus on where you are now and how we can align your resources with your goals.

Here’s how we help:

  • Tax-focused retirement planning
  • Developing a lifetime income plan
  • Cash flow planning
  • Legacy planning
  • Investment management
  • How to minimize your lifetime tax bill
  • How to coordinate your investment strategy with your retirement goals.

We believe in fair and transparent pricing, with objective professional advice, which is why we choose to be fee-only advisors who never sell products for a commission.

Together, we are the trusted advisors to over 100 households in our hometowns of Portland, OR and Minneapolis, MN, as well as across the country.

Our clients often (but not always) fit the following profile:

  • Within 10 years of retirement
  • Diligent savers with retirement assets of at least $750k
  • People who want ongoing professional financial advice and want to work with a trusted advisor.

Many of our clients also have a strong interest in aligning their finances with their personal values through charitable giving or socially responsible investing.

Meet Our Team

At Trailhead Planners, we operate as a true team. Our three lead financial planners are equal partners in the firm, which creates an alignment of interest and true sense of partnership.

Maddy Feltz | Administrative Assistant | Trailhead Planners
Administrative Assistant
Chief ‘Get Things Done’ Officer

We can help you live a deliberate life with money and create a financial plan for you to retire with confidence.

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Trailhead Planners don’t have hundreds of clients like some of the larger firms and institutions.

We have intentionally kept our practice small so we can spend more one-on-one time with our wonderful clients and provide them with unbiased investment recommendations.

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