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You choose the destination.

We’ll provide the tools and support to get you there.

When you work with us, we won’t focus on what you should have done, we look at what can be done with a coordinated and comprehensive approach to help you achieve your financial goals.

3 Steps to Embark

Your Financial Planning Process

Trail Mapping: Set Your Destination

We’ll work with you to create a resilient, tax-focused retirement strategy to help you celebrate your legacy while enjoying a fulfilling retirement.

Obstacles & Opportunities

Mitigating risk and reducing overall tax expense while setting up your portfolio to create a steady income are just some areas we will include in your plan.

Deliver, Embark, and Implement

We will deliver and implement your custom-designed tax-savvy plan supported by an ongoing guided wealth management service to keep you on track.

The Annual Experience

Annual Trail Review

As part of our open-door policy, we’ll meet with you regularly, and every year, we update your written financial plan.

Trail Safety and Assurance

As part of our annual trail safety and assurance experience, we review your insurance and estate plan.

Tax Season Orienteering

Get peace of mind with our coordinated approach that will take the stress out of tax season.

Our Team

At Trailhead Planners, we are a small team of fee-only fiduciaries, proactive planners, financial map makers and enthusiastic money nerds.

We combine analytical rigor with our philosophy of care and always make time for a cup of coffee.

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Enjoy the view while we take care of the rest.

Retirement is about money, but it’s also about your own personal fulfillment and enjoyment.

We will help you create a robust, tax resilient and flexible plan so you can make the most of your retirement years without stressing about the details.

A portfolio without a plan is like a journey without a map.

Working with someone who knows the trail can make all the difference.

The cornerstone of financial progress is a comprehensive financial plan.

We will help you plan a risk-averse, tax-optimized portfolio with our deep expertise and the most up-to-date financial science to help you improve the odds of investment success.

Secure your legacy with a plan that can weather any financial environment.

Socially responsible investing.

You won’t have to check your values at the door to invest responsibly.

We can create personalized investment portfolios that honor your most deeply held values while still meeting our rigorous diversification and risk-management standards.

Trailhead Planners help our clients employ Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) or Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors in their portfolios so their investment choices are coherent with their personal values and aspirations for our global community.

Conscious, sustainable and socially responsible investments with long-term returns.

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A thorough understanding of your tax situation and proficiency in navigating the ever-changing tax laws are critical components of definitive financial advice.

We can help you identify planning opportunities and strategies to minimize your lifetime tax bill.

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We compiled a list of the 4 Key Tax Planning Strategies every retiree should know prior to retiring. Tax planning is one of the most crucial yet underappreciated and under-reviewed aspects of your retirement plan. A tax-conscious approach often reveals massive and quantifiable value. Reduce your lifetime tax bill with these 4 Key Tax planning strategies.
What’s your ideal retirement? Traveling? Practicing your favorite hobbies? Caring for loved ones? Whatever you envision, creating a plan of action can feel exhausting. There are, however, a few simple, yet commonly overlooked steps you can take today to help you feel more comfortable throughout your planning process.