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Trail Coffee & Conversation

Do you appreciate cold-calls and conversations with salesy types? Neither do we. Do you like coffee and an enjoyable conversation? Yup, now we’re talking. Schedule a time to chat in-person or online and we can sip our respective trail coffees and get to know each other a bit. No strings attached. 

A 30-minute initial consult is always free. (P.S. Check out our Trailhead Service Map for more information!)

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Portland, Oregon

316 NE 19th Ave 
Portland, OR 97232
Email: courtney@trailheadplanners.com 
Phone: (503) 773-9682

Minneapolis, Minnesota

4816 Nicollet Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55419
Email: morgan@trailheadplanners.com 
Phone: (503) 773-9682