Courtney | ESG Investment Specialist | Trailhead Planners

Courtney Ranstrom MBA, CFP®, EA

Partner & Lead Financial Planner
ESG Investment Specialist

Hi, I’m Courtney. I am a co-founder and fee-only financial planner at Trailhead Planners.

When you work with me, one of the first questions I will ask is, ”What does wealth mean to you?”

In many cases, wealth has nothing to do with money but with how we find fulfillment in our lives.

I don’t believe in imposing arbitrary standards of wealth onto my clients. I prefer to develop a financial life plan tailored to individual values, resources, and ongoing life goals.

I want my clients to have clarity about what wealth means to them and how they can achieve their version of wealth.

My dad was a financial planner, and we worked together for 7 years.

He taught me a lot about empathy and treating each client as an individual with their own needs, wants, and values.

I view financial planning as the perfect profession for combining my undergrad Psychology degree, MBA, and desire to help people feel confident about their finances.

“I’m passionate about helping people develop their goals and build a plan to reach them. I believe in keeping judgment and shame out of your financial life - we start where you’re at and build from there.”


I live in Portland, Oregon, with my husband, two daughters, and two Cardigan Corgis.

I enjoy reading books, hiking and yoga, watching movies with my girls, taking walks around our Central Eastside neighborhood, cooking, and visiting Portland’s many restaurants.