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Financial Well-Being Newsletter: What's up with Millennials and their Money?

by Trailhead Plan… on Jul 27, 2018

Financial Well-Being Newsletter
First, we have a wonderful article regarding the Power of Positive People. Though it may seem obvious, the individuals we surround ourselves deeply impact our overall well-being. Which begs the question, is my community positively or negatively affecting me? Second, we have a couple of interesting survey results regarding Millennials and their money. One thing we believe is important to note is that Millennials aren't just 20-somethings anymore.  In fact, the oldest faction is nearing 40 years of age! In other words, millennials are no longer kids just starting out as many of them are established professionals firmly into their careers and financial lives. Ultimately, that's what makes some of these data points so concerning. Read on to learn more!

Financial Well-Being Newsletter: When is it too late to start your own business?

by Trailhead Plan… on Jul 20, 2018

Financial Well-Being Newsletter
When is too late to start your own business? Well, according to new data, later than you likely think! In fact, successful entrepreneurs tend to have more gray in their hair than the Hollywood portrayal of the hoodie-wearing whiz kid! Additionally, we've highlighted an article showing an interesting cultural quip about how husbands and wives report their income when the wife earns more. And last, we point to some positive signs in the housing market that show that supply may be starting to increase allowing prices to moderate over the coming years.

Financial Well-Being Newsletter: What to do instead of 'Find Your Passion'

by Trailhead Plan… on Jul 13, 2018

Financial Well-Being Newsletter
Today we are starting with an article about what to say instead of 'Find your passion.' Also, given some recent requests for including more financial news, we thought we'd start curating a short list of important financial articles from the week's news. Let us know what you think! Enjoy!
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