Ever heard this one before? 

A married couple has a question about their personal finances so they call up their financial advisor. The financial advisor says, "That's a great question. You should ask your accountant." 

So, they get their accountant on the phone and she says, "That's an interesting question.  Your should ask your financial advisor."

Coordinated Financial Advice 

At Trailhead Planners, we understand that every aspect of your personal finances touches every other which is why we take a comprehensive approach to wealth management.  In particular, most every financial decision has an impact on taxes, either now or in retirement.  We take taxes into account with every recommendation we make.  

The benefits of tax planning

Skillful Tax Planning and Tax Preparation 

Taxes are at the core of good financial planning.  We review all potential tax consequences that can impact your security throughout the year. 

  • We happily coordinate with your existing team of of tax professionals to give you the best and most efficient advice possible. 
  • If you don't have a current relationship with a tax professional, we will help you with individual tax preparation
  • For more complicated cases and returns, we can connect you with high quality tax professionals with whom we can partner to bring you the best advice possible.