One Comprehensive Solution with One Transparent Price

To proactively help our clients achieve their financial goals, we find they need a host of interrelated services: 

  • Net Worth & Portfolio Review
  • Tax Planning 
  • Tax Prep
  • Retirement Planning
  • Investment Strategy & Implementation 
  • Cash Flow Planning & Budgeting
  • Insurance Review & Risk Management
  • Estate Planning
  • College Planning
  • Real Estate Planning & Large Purchase Planning (such as boats, vehicles, etc.)

However, though countless individuals desire a comprehensive service, too many consumers receive piece-meal conversation designed to sell products or off-the-shelf reports that have little relevance to their true needs. Similarly, even when they find competent professionals for the above services, they are usually communicating with multiple individuals or firms who don't always communicate effectively for the client's benefit and may offer conflicting advice.  

So We asked our clients

As we explored this inefficient dynamic, we began polling clients on an effective solution to serve them better. The feedback was almost unanimous:

Bring tax prep and tax planning in-house and package it together with financial planning and investment management within one comprehensive service and pricing arrangement.    

So, we did just that. Our solution? 

Trailhead Guided Wealth Management

  • Comprehensive Financial planning, Coordinated Investment Management, Proactive Tax Planning, and Annual Tax Preparation

  • Starting at $500.00/month (Billed Via ACH/Debit/Credit or directly to Investment Accounts)

*Please Note: The annual cost may be higher for owners of incentive stock options (ISOs), business owners, and clients with more than $500,000 in investable assets.

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