It Started with a Story  

Trailhead Planners was founded by brother/sister team, Morgan and Courtney Ranstrom. When our dad was four, his dad died in a farming accident. Soon after, his mother, our grandma, moved with her youngest children (and not much else) to a small town in Minnesota called Elbow Lake. Without a college education, she pursued her bachelor's in education while starting to teach at the local school all while supporting her five youngest children (with the sixth and oldest already in college). Amazingly, she had to go in front of the town council to argue that she was head of household (because certainly a woman couldn't be head of household in that day)!

Our grandmother was incredible. She was tough as nails and did exactly what she had to do to make ends meet. We are inspired by her every day. That said, we often find ourselves asking, who was there to support her? She was a widow and a mother, she had recently moved, and was undertaking a dramatic career change from farm wife to teacher. Who could have been there to support her?

That Turned Into a Question

As we meditated on this thought, we started to think more broadly:

What kind of firm would support an individual or family through similar life and financial transitions big and small?

Change can be overwhelming, stressful and, at times, it comes with great sadness.  However, it also an opportunity for new beginnings and growth. In these situations, we feel we can step in and provide incredible value for individuals ready to engage and undertake the next step in their journey with a sound financial platform in place.

Now it's Our 'Why'

So here’s our mission, and it’s simple, really. We aim to support our clients through life and financial transitions so that they can focus on what is meaningful to them. 

At Trailhead Planners our 'why' is to help you live according to your 'why'. 

And it Drives Everything We Do 


How we serve you: 

  • We simplify your life
  • We help you rest easy
  • We help you achieve sustainable financial well-being