Financial planning for professionals and wealth builders

Wealth Builders - Accumulating Wealth for Your Grandest Aspirations 

Before starting Trailhead Planners we noticed three things: 

  1. Most quality financial planning firms only work with retirees with no less than $1 million in retirement assets.
  2. Most retirees don't have $1 million in assets 
  3. If we could help people make healthier financial decisions earlier in their lives we could greatly improve that number. 

Who are Wealth Builders? 

A 'wealth builder' is our term for individuals and families in the accumulation stage of their financial life cycle. At this point in your life, you are actively attempting to increase your net worth by growing long-term financial assets, like home equity and 401ks, and reducing liabilities, like credit card debt, car loans, and student loans. More, the human capital of a wealth builder (i.e. their future earnings) is a huge financial asset that should be managed and optimized, as well! During the accumulation stage, you regularly make financial decisions that will greatly impact your long-term financial well-being!  

Wealth builders are medical professionals, teachers, professors, non-profit employees, business owners, government employees, salespeople, marketers, engineers and more! 

Why can't wealth builders get good advice?

  • Accumulators are often ignored by financial advisors because they don't meet investment minimums
  • Accumulators are often sold expensive investment and insurance products rather than being offered expert advice customized for their unique needs.
  • The majority of their net worth is deemed 'unmanageable' by investment management firms because it is either in their 401k at work or in their home.
  • Most financial advisors aren't equipped to deal with all the life changes and complexities accumulators go through.

How We Can Help

  • We help you make good financial decisions as early as possible so that they can compound and grow for as long as possible
  • Finally answer the question: Am I saving enough? 
  • Create a customized investment portfolio based on your unique financial situation
  • Make healthy decisions around personal real estate
  • Figure out how much cash you should have on hand to protect against hard times
  • Plan for a secure retirement
  • Turn dreams and aspirations into achievable goals with clear action steps for implementation

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