Tax-Focused, Fee-Only Financial Planning for Medical Professionals 

The two biggest expenses medical professionals face are taxes and student loan payments, while time is a scarce commodity that can prevent careful planning. More, most physicians we know are bombarded by insurance salespeople pitching high commission products (but masquerading as financial advisors) as soon as they finish residency.  

We are fee-only financial planners with a deep expertise in tax, investments and financial planning. We charge a flat fee for our ongoing wealth management services and operate as fiduciaries, meaning we must always work in our clients' best interest. 

We help our doctor clients build a financial plan that guides them through a complicated financial landscape, helps them achieve BIG goals, and helps them build sufficient wealth to sustain them and their loved ones throughout their lives. 

We Help with: 

  • Cash Flow Management & Savings Strategies
  • Student Loan Repayment Analysis
  • Tax-Minimization Strategies 
  • Unbiased Insurance Review
  • Coordinated Investment Advice Across all of your Assets 
  • Analyzing or Planning for Partnership Stakes
  • Consulting on business opportunities
  • Maximizing financial opportunities for 1099 recipients
  • Transition from residency to post-residency employment confidently 
  • Analyzing financial and personal trade-offs between quality of life now and in retirement  
  • Charitable Planning for maximum social and tax benefits 
  • College Planning for the next generation of doctors/professionals in your household 
  • ...and More! 


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