Financial Consultants for Busy Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, and Freelancers

The Problem for Many Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and Freelancers

  • You are ALL IN on your business with little time or energy leftover to worry about your family's finances 
  • You feel guilty or unsure about taking more money from the business for personal wages
  • You barely have time to eat lunch let alone take a vacation
  • You're spending all your time working in the business rather than on the business  
  • You'd like more time to spend with your loved ones and friends
  • You're regularly behind on your quarterly taxes 
  • Since you're always playing catch-up, you aren't able to enact a plan to reduce next year's taxes
  • It's difficult to decipher between business cash flow and personal cash flow 
  • You have no sense of where the business is headed and what it means for your and your family's future 


How Trailhead Planners Helps You

  • Have more time to do what you really love 
  • Have more money to provide freedom of choice for you and your family 
  • Save on taxes by making the right financial decisions 
  • Re-gain your focus on what you do best, utilizing your "Unique Talents" 
  • Clarify and achieve your ideal future

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Why Our Business Owner Platform Works: Pillars of Success

  1. We understand you and work with other "Entrepreneurs" 
  2. We become your business's Chief Financial Officer 
  3. We do a full assessment of your business, starting with review of financials and tax returns 
  4. We help you define success - how else would you know if you're successful?
  5. We help you focus on "Ideal Clients" 
  6. We assess your value proposition
  7. We help you create a vivid picture of your ideal business
  8. We help you implement your plan 
  9. We build metrics to monitor success
  10. We provide ongoing coaching - as your CFO

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