5 Reasons Why We Choose to be Fee-Only fiduciaries 

  1. We value transparency and believe the fee-only fee structure is the most transparent and easily understood model available. 
  2. We value objectivity and we believe selling products like insurance or annuities for commission challenges an adviser’s objectivity.   
  3. We believe clients don’t need ‘products’ as much as they desire expert and ongoing advice.  
  4. We believe incentives matter and we wanted to ensure we were incentivized to sit on the same side of the table as our clients, offering guidance on the options most suitable for the client and their bottom-line, not our own.
  5. We are fiduciaries and have signed multiple fiduciary oaths. We believe the decision to be fee-only financial planners most ably allows us to act as fiduciaries while serving our clients. 

Additionally, we are proud members of three organizations which require their associated financial advisers to be fee-only: 

In the below video, our team at Trailhead Planners discusses why you should consider a fee-only, comprehensive financial planning firm beholden to the fiduciary standard when searching for a financial adviser.