More Evidence that Socially Responsible Investing Does Not Harm Performance

by Trailhead Plan… on Apr 26, 2018

Socially Responsible Investing, ESG

Over the past few months, we have been seeing more and more evidence that socially responsible investing can aid investor performance over-time; rather than the common misconception that it necessarily detracts.  As we have written about before, socially responsible investing has evolved into a risk-conscious investing strategy that not only allows investors to invest responsibly, but also in a manner that is aligned with their values.  More, it can have a real impact on the world as socially-conscious shareholders vote for more positive an

Why the Socially Responsible Investor is also a Responsible Investor

by Trailhead Plan… on Apr 16, 2018

ESG, Sustainable Investing

A responsible investor is one whose portfolio is managed in a prudent and efficient manner considering his or her long-term goals, needs, and aspirations. This means his portfolio is fully diversified in a broad array of asset classes using well-suited mutual funds, ETFs, or individual stocks and bonds that fit his risk profile.

No Resurgence In Coal (a.k.a. Solar is here to stay)

by Trailhead Plan… on Nov 27, 2017

ESG, Socially Responsible Investing

Why You Shouldn’t Worry About A Resurgence in Coal

As we have engaged with clients and contacts alike about the merits of long-term sustainable investing, we have noted a great deal of concern about the Trump Presidency and how the potential for coal and oil-friendly policy making will affect the long-term prospects for green energy. It’s a fair point, and one we have given a great deal of thought toward.

What is Impact Investing?

by Trailhead Plan… on Nov 7, 2017

Sustainable Investing, Impact Investing, ESG

Impact Investing 

Impact investing is the sexiest term in the investment community right now.  Arguably, there isn’t much competition for the title, but don’t let that stunt our appreciation!  

I read about ‘impact investing’ in investment industry write-ups.  I see it in advertisements targeting millennial investment dollars.  I see it on on countless LinkedIn profiles (John Snow is a swordsman, a man of the Night’s Watch, a Wildling lover… and a passionate impact investor).  I see it in articles on philanthropy.  It’s everywhere.

Sustainable Investing & The Myth of Long-term Underperformance

by Trailhead Plan… on Oct 10, 2017

ESG, Sustainable Investing, Conscious Investing

Often, when I tell people that my firm specializes in sustainable investing, I am met with skepticism. "That's great, but don't you give up long-term performance?" Or, "I'm all for socially responsible investing, but I'd like to retire someday and I need my investments to do well."

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