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The Time Value of Time

by Trailhead Plan… on Aug 21, 2017

Financial Freedom, Mindful Money

One of the most important things we consume in our lives is time.  Admittedly, it sounds crass to say we ‘consume’ time, but to heck with it – we already ‘kill’ it and ‘burn’ it, we might as well be a bit more intentional about how we ‘spend’ it!  Most of us barter time for money.  More money, in many cases, necessitates more time.  This can be as simple as having to come into the office a couple Saturdays a month or being available by email after traditional work hours.  It can also mean taking on another job or project to earn a little extra income.

Meet Us at the Trailhead

by Trailhead Plan… on Aug 14, 2017

Welcome, Trailhead Planners, Business Update

Packed bags? Yup.  

Map? Check.  

A great team? Absolutely.

Excitement to hit the trail? You know it.

Friends, welcome to Trailhead Planners, where we help our clients use their financial resources to engage in their heart’s journey.  As we line up at our trail’s start, we thought we’d start with an overview of what Trailhead is to us and how we intend to serve our clients over the coming years.

We built this business for three core reasons: