Meet Us at the Trailhead

Trailhead Planners LLC |

Packed bags? Yup.  

Map? Check.  

A great team? Absolutely.

Excitement to hit the trail? You know it.

Friends, welcome to Trailhead Planners, where we help our clients use their financial resources to engage in their heart’s journey.  As we line up at our trail’s start, we thought we’d start with an overview of what Trailhead is to us and how we intend to serve our clients over the coming years.

We built this business for three core reasons:

  1. Offer holistic and high-touch financial life planning services: We have all the traditional financial planning skills in our toolbox, and we are passionate about engaging with our clients on cash flow and income management, debt management, long-term investing, risk management and insurance, tax planning, and estate planning.  However, our approach distinguishes us from other firms. How is that?  Well, at Trailhead Planners, one of our core beliefs is that your money isn’t our client, you are.  Of course, this changes everything because the conversation shifts from the traditional input/output style of financial advice toward one where we provide you with the ongoing services necessary to support you in using your financial resources to live your very best life both before and after retirement.  
  2. Provide our clients with a platform to invest consciously and sustainably: We believe socially responsible investing is evolving and we wanted to join the movement by improving its accessibility, understandability, and approachability.  We’ve designed a series of investment models optimized for Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors.  More, we believe we have done so in a way where our clients will not necessarily sacrifice long-term investment returns by investing in a socially conscious manner.  In fact, many studies have argued that investing according to an ESG framework can actually improve long-term returns.  We help our clients do socially responsible investing, well, responsibly.   
  3. Put Transparency and Integrity at the heart of everything we do: The fiduciary standard may have been watered down by deep-pocketed parties, but that doesn't change our commitment to being a fiduciary and acting with care, integrity, and transparency in all that we do.  More, as fee-only financial planners, we put our money where are mouth is and do not accept commissions for selling 'products' but charge for our advice in a transparent and value reflective manner.  

Over the coming years, expect us to publish weekly thoughts and information on financial well-being and socially conscious investing on this blog.  In addition, one of us has a book on financial well-being likely coming out in 2018 while the other is developing some innovative approaches to financial support groups.  We’re excited.  We’re ready.  And, we hope you are too.  

This is our Trailhead. What’s yours?