What are the Five Things That Don't Matter to Long-term Investment Success

Morgan Ranstrom |

For individual investors, the internet, technology, and low (or even nonexistent) trading costs have made investing administratively easier today than it ever was in the past. However, between an over-abundance of information, constant distractions, and a retirement system that puts the burden on the individual investor to secure their own retirement, investing wisely has never been harder.

In this episode of Coffee, Sweaters, and Finance, Morgan Ranstrom, CFA, CFP® and Bill Mulvahill, CFP®, CPA discuss five things investors worry about most, but that ultimately do not impact your long-term investment success.


  • Why politics and investing don't mix.
  • What really qualifies as the short-term when tracking investment performance and why it doesn't matter.
  • Does the interest rate on my savings account matter?
  • Should I compare investment performance to my friend's?